All-Ukrainian evil instructors in Dnipropetrovsk! 30-01.12.2019

All-Ukrainian evil instructors in Dnipropetrovsk!

Such a grandiose evil of the Ukrainian Federation of Scandinavian walking was carried forward.

Bulo 72 instructors from 30 mіst of Ukraine!

All of our team’s progress, more positive emotions, more cinnamon and more informative information from our professional lecturers, new plans for scandinavian walking in Ukraine!

And now it’s reported, what’s the bulletin on gold:

– Conference on the topic: “Nordic walking: advanced techniques, innovative, advanced robots with advanced and high vision” lecturers Irina Snigurіvska Olga Machigіna, Zenovіya Mirska.

– Grand Flash mob in the central park Dnіpra im. L. Globy numerically ponad 100 osib, we requested more guests from Dnіpra

– Пізнавальна і цікава Excursions across the city from the two beautiful and significant places of Dnіpra (a special capture of the wiklikav Bartolomeo complex)

– an active evening in Bowling, command zmagannya

– Rankova charging at the historical center, at the Festival mooring, on 10th of October 2010, Igor Єfimenko rock having completed the first master class in Nordic walking in Ukraine and the date is right – now you will get into the Nordic walking day.

Підвищення кваліфікації, topics:

– Special features for lovers and athletes of Nordic walking in the cold of fate, (senior doctor of environmental categories Viktoriya Kalashnikov, author of methodological recommendations for people with great pleasure.

– Fizizna prazdezdatnost people and methods її viznesnennya when taken to take on Nordic walking (Cherepok Oleksandr, Ph.D., Assistant of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Health)

– Skandinavska Walking during the seizure of the number of pelvic and pelvic loams (Sergiy Gribkov, head of the department of the modern history and rehabilitation, KNP 4-MP Lviv)

– Planning for sports training for pre-school preparation (Sirotkina Tetyana, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Federal Nordic Walking, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences)

– It’s special to engage in physical rights with middle-aged and middle-aged people using healthy groups, who are interested in Nordic walking (Tetyana Nazarova, curriculum section specialist in sports, FGC “Olimpіy”, medical specialist at the Department of Health and Fitness, )

– “Command tuning fork” (Tetyana Kakhiani, teacher, practical psychologist in the method of Positive Psychotherapy, business coach, author and lead program for periodic and advanced training, facilitator of the ICDP international program in Ukraine)

– Strelnikovo gymnastics dykhalna in accordance with Nordic walking – Larisa Shmaіy, started off at the same Strelnikova, 40 rock practice

– Vіdkrittya Pershogo in the Ukrainian park of Nordic walking in Truskavtsi – Evgen Matseyko

– Scandi-tours for the cordon i in Ukraine – Vasyl Izhurkov

– INNOVATION in Scandinavian walking in Ukraine:

“Nordic Power” – Igor Ufimenko, Internatiol Master Trener “Nordic Power” (Italy) Team Nordic Power Ukraine – Olga Machigina, Tetyana Sirotkina, Tetyana Khodakovska

“Nordic Walking Ritmica” – Tetyana Khodakovska Master Trener “Nordic Walking Ritmika” (Італія)

Well, and zvichino, presentation of the calendar plan carried out zmagan Ukrainian Federation of Nordic walking for 2020 and the calendar plan of the European Cup ENWO.

And for the “dessert”, the bouv firm cake of the Federation.

Participants in the competition have positive, positive emotions, motivation to develop Nordic walking in their own regions.

A compliment to our most important partners and sponsors: Igor Mishko TM “TRACKING”, a large number of Ukrainian tracking racks, Oksana i Vadim Skakun “TM Healthy”, Ukrainian natural oil grub oils.

There is a special coddling of the Dnipro team in preparation for the call: Oleksandr Ryaboshtan, Oleni Lyashenko, Tetyanі Matyash, Irin Franzkevich, Lesі Limar, Zinaіdі Pakhalchuk, Lyudіmіla Bobrovoі, Larisіa Vasily.

At once MI team! At once mi power!

Ukrainian Federation of Nordic Walking “LIVE THE GREAT CROCS”

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