Calendar of competitions Federationfor 2020

Calendar of competitions for 2020
Ukrainian Federation of Scandinavian Walking (UNWF)

Friends, we present a calendar of our competitions.

We will hold six stages of our Federation Cup.

Stage 1 – March 22, Dnipro
Stage 2 – April 26, Lviv
Stage 3 – May 17, Pokrovsk
Stage 4 – June 14, Zaporozhye
Stage 5 – September 15, Truskavets
Stage 6 Final – October 18, Kyiv


a) for the first time, the system of scoring points for participation in the stages of the Federation Cup will be introduced.

b) Judicial training (for trainers) is planned.

c) for the first time we begin systematic preparation for competitions.

d) we plan to start forming a national team of Ukraine for participation and representation of our country in international competitions.

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Welcome to the 2020 Fed Cup Stages!

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