Championship of Donetsk region took place!

The first official Championship of Donetsk region in Nordic walking and sports tourism took place in Mirnograd on September 20, 2020!

The Championship was attended by representatives of teams not only from Donetsk region, but also from other regions: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye.

The competition took place on the well-known professional track Balagan, located in Mirnograd!

It was wonderful sunny weather, which gave strength and mood to the participants. And they were of different ages: from 8 years old to 82 years old!

This event took place thanks to the enthusiasm and love for Scandinavian walking by Tatiana Nazarova, head of the Donetsk office of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Scandinavian Walking.

The panel of judges, consisting of Igor Efimenko, Tatiana Sirotkina, Tatiana Muravei, Olga Machiginoy, worked professionally.

Special thanks for the help to the People’s Deputy Ruslan Valerievich Trebushkin and the Deputy Director of the Regional Center for Physical Culture and Health Work of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Donetsk Regional State Administration – Vladimir Strazhko.

New plans have already been outlined for the Donetsk Oblast Nordic Walking Championship in 2021!


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