Competitions are coming soon! Pokrovsk. Одесса.Днепр.

September 20, 2020, Pokrovsk,

Donetsk region championship in sports tourism (Nordic walking) among adults and juniors, dedicated to the World Tourism Day.
Details and registration coming soon!

September 26-27, 2020. “Odessa foot weaving” is back!

Dedicated to the anniversary of the Liberation Day of Odessa! “100 km in 24 years along the belt of Glory of Odessa”.
Scandinavian Highway – 9.5 miles

On that day, 76 years ago, the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front liberated Odessa from the fascist occupiers. Thirty years later, born on April 6, 1974, the first race “100 km for the Belt of Glory” took place, dedicated to the memory of the defenders of Odessa.

We can run because our heroes were dead! This is the slogan of runners!
And we can go! Because WE LIVE IN BIG STEPS!
Odessa Writing Weaving – an opportunity to honor the memory of the heroes not only in words but also in action.
More details on the event page:

October 4, 2020, Dnipro, Cup of the Nordic Walking Federation.
How we expected this!

The cup unites athletes and fans of Nordic walking from all cities of Ukraine.

Adults and children (preferential registration), as well as people with disabilities (preferential registration) can take part in the competition.

Distances of competitions – 2,5 km; 5.0 km; 10.0 km. The competition will be served by certified judges of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Nordic Walking – UNWF.

To promote Nordic walking, there will be a “Flashmob 2.5 km – Live by big steps!”
Each contestant will receive a finisher’s medal (except for the flash mob). The winners of the competition are the Federation Cups.

Friends – it’s time to meet at competitions!

Details coming soon!

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