Cup of the Ukrainian Nordic Walking Federation, 04.10.2020

Cup of the Ukrainian Nordic Walking Federation, 04.10.2020

the All-Ukrainian Nordic Walking Competition

will take place in Dnipro
“Cup of the Ukrainian Nordic Walking Federation”

at distances of 2.5 km; 5.0 km; 10.0 km.
Venue:Dnipro, 20th anniversary of the Victory, 51

(Pine Forest, opposite Samara
executive committee)

Day and time of the event: October 4 from 8-00 to 14-00
Organizer: Representation of the NGO “Ukrainian Federation of Nordic Walking” c
Dnipropetrovsk region


– Popularization and further development of Nordic walking among children and adults in Ukraine.

– Development of mass sports in Ukraine.

– Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and involvement of the population in regular classes
physical culture and outdoor sports.

– Pleasant communication, receiving positive emotions, establishing friendly relations between
fans of Nordic walking.

– Stimulating the growth of sports achievements in Nordic walking.

– Improving their personal results and gaining experience in competitions with
scandinavian walking.

– Formation of the national team of Ukraine in Nordic walking to perform at European competitions


The general management of preparation and carrying out of competitions is carried out by VGO «Ukrainian
Nordic Walking Federation »
The organization of judging of competitions and control over observance of norms and requirements is carried out by VGO
“Ukrainian Federation of Nordic Walking”, according to the rules

Competition schedule:
8:00 – 10:00 arrival of participants, issuance of starting numbers
10:00 – 10:30 grand opening of the competition, opening of the starting town, warm-up of participants
10:30 – *** Flash mob – Live big steps – 2.5 km (1 round)
11:00 – start of the distance – competition 10 km (4 laps)
11:10 – start of the distance – competition 5.0 km (2 laps)
11:20 – start of the distance – competition 2.5 km (children) 1 round
12:00 – 14:00 awarding of winners and prize-winners, holding a lottery, closing of the event.
*** flash mob – 2.5 km (1 round) – no time, no starting number, no finisher’s medal



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