Nordic walking – for any age

We start the morning with training.

Scandinavian walking can be practiced by people of any age.

There are many veterans at the Nordic walking competitions – people in the 50+ categories. Many want to learn this type of physical activity, to join the ranks of participants.

Tatiana Nazarova, an instructor and methodologist of our permanent partner of the Ukrainian School of Healthy Nordic Walking, talks about how to start classes correctly:

“Depending on the state of health and physical fitness, Nordic walking can be health-improving, training and sports.

In order for the benefits of your favorite activity to be obvious, it is also necessary to take into account the age characteristics of the occupiers.

Maria Kaidasheva, a student of the health group (Pokrovsk), prepared exercises for the elderly.

When doing gymnastics, the elderly should avoid prolonged stay in the main position, when the blood circulation of the lower extremities deteriorates.

Note that rotation in the joints of the upper and lower extremities should start from the periphery to the center.

The amplitude of movements should correspond to the mobility of the joint.

The larger the joint, the slower the speed of rotation.

Another video shows exercises for trained people.

The rotations take place first in the joints of one limb from the center to the periphery, then the other.

Video for trained practitioners.

Rotations in the joints start from the center. If the elderly alternate rotations in the joints of the right or left foot (right ankle, then left; right knee), then the trained can work first with one foot, then the other. ”

We were with you today
health group with the study of Nordic walking techniques for children 9-13 years
The city of Pokrovsk. The head of the section is trainer-teacher Nazarova Tatyana Olegovna.



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