Nordic Walking Instructor Training – Online

Further training of federation instructors – online format!

As part of the continuing education of instructors, the Nordic Walking Health School during the quarantine period conducted free training in a new online format.

This course was attended by 84 Nordic walking instructors from 37 cities of Ukraine.

We invited 7 experts from different fields of knowledge who shared their practical experience.

Course Topics:

– Anatomy of the cervical spine

– Diaphragmatic breathing

– Features of training in different heart rate zones

– “I would go to the speakers, let them teach me”

– General physical training instructor Nordic walking

– Aerobic workout

– Features of classes with middle-aged and elderly people

And these are only 7 out of 25 topics for which we plan to conduct instructor training away.

It was an Intensive of 21 lessons, which lasted 3 weeks.

There was a theory + practical homework, which instructors can already use tomorrow in their groups.

There were Stop Lessons, that is, in order to move on, you had to do your homework and get an expert answer.

We thank the team of organizers and experts of 10 people who conducted this training at a very high professional level.

We welcome instructors who walked through difficulties to knowledge and succeeded.

️ As a result of this course, a new, global project was born – “ACADEMY of Nordic Walking”,
Details will come later.


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