“The First Mountain Carpathian Cup” with a Scandinavian walk, October 27, Bukovitsa!

“The First Mountain Carpathian Cup” with a Scandinavian walk, October 27, Bukovitsa!

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We invite you to take part in the “First Carpathian Cup” with a Scandinavian walk, which will be held in Bukovice.

Bukovitsa is a ski resort, 2 km from Truskavets. From Truskavets buses will be organized from the city council to the venue.

Organizers of the competition: VOO “Ukrainian Federation of Scandinavian Walking”, GK “Bukovitsa”, NGO “Sport for All”, Club “Carpathia”, Truskavets City Council.

The Cup unites athletes and Nordic walkers from all cities of Ukraine.

Adults and children (preferential registration), as well as people with disabilities (preferential registration) can participate in the competition.

Competition distances – 2.5 km (children and the category of people with disabilities); 5.2 km; 10.4 km of beautiful mountainous terrain. Competitions will be served by certified judges of the Ukrainian Federation of Nordic Walking.

To popularize Scandinavian walking, we invite you to the 1.25 km Flash Mob – Live Big Steps Free!

Each competitor will receive a finisher medal (except for a flash mob). Winners in the categories of competitions – Cups!

From sponsors gifts and lottery!

Register and find out the details on the registration site at the link:


We are waiting for everyone at the “First Mountain Carpathian Cup” from Scandinavian walking, October 27, Bukovitsa!

Become a winner for yourself


Step by step instructions for registration and payment:


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