The art of being the first. Igor Efimenko

The art of being the first!

Interview of the President of our federation (audio podcast) Igor Efimenko to the head of the Belarusian School of Nordic Walking.

This fact shows how many fans of this sport, what are its prospects!

Nordic walking is developing rapidly not only in our country but also in the CIS countries.

It is very important to share your experience, your results, what came out and what were the difficulties.

And maybe for someone this story will be the impetus and motivation to do Nordic walking to strengthen, restore and promote walking with sticks.

We are grateful to Sasha Mekh, head of the Belarusian School of Nordic Walking, for the opportunity to share the story of Igor Efimenko, founder and head of the First Ukrainian School of Healthy Nordic Walking, which turned 10 this year.

Listen to the audio podcast and share your experience


The issue answered the following questions:
1:28 History of acquaintance with Nordic walking.
05:00 Why did the path to Nordic walking begin 19 years ago?
8:34 The first steps. Who were these first 7 people at the master class on June 10, 2010.
18:27 Is Nordic walking a favorite thing or business?
20:31 The first production of sticks in 2012.
23:14 Acquaintance with Nordic Power – an open-air gym.
24:38 Rise and fall, devotion and betrayal. What gives you faith in your favorite business and in yourself?
26:47 Team – the key to success and resilience in any crisis situation.
28:40 Saturated 2018: the first Nordic Walking Federation, the first competitions in Kiev, the first children’s competitions in Zhytomyr, the book of records of Ukraine, a new project for physical education teachers, training people with visual impairments.
31:30 Nordic Walking Rhythm and scans are new in the CIS.
33:50 Prospects for the development of Nordic walking as a sport and sports tourism.
35:01 Team merits and representation of key players.
36:49 To be the first you need to have different thinking and different habits. What distinguishes a leader?
38:18 Rule 33%.
41:42 Wishes and a gift to podcast listeners – the first book in Ukraine on Nordic walking.


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