The holiday has taken place! “Zhytomyr Autumn with NORDIC WALKING 2018”, October 6, 2018

A grand event in Zhytomyr!

On October 6, 2018, the first open Nordic Walking Competition “Zhytomyr Autumn NORDIC WALKING 2018” took place.

As part of the Scandinavian Walking Festival, competitions for children were held for the first time.

Participated by adults and most adults – the parents of our inspector Sergey Gulidov. Sergey’s father turned 90 years old on the day of competitions.

Competitions are listed in the Ukrainian Book of Records (the largest number of participants – children).

This is due to the Diploma.

A huge thanks to Irina Snihurovskaya for organizing such a significant event for the development of Scandinavia walking in the regions.

Many thanks to our instructors who come from different cities to support and help Irene:

Tatyana Sirotkina, Tatyana Ivanyuk, Yuri Koroteev, Vera Soroka, Sergey Gulidov, Tatyana Belokurova, Tatyana Bilokonskaya, Zhenya Maceiko.

With such a command, all the mountains on the shoulder. Just ahead !!!

Competition protocols by the link:

And in front of us we participate in competitions in Brovary on October 28, Sunday:

There is a distance of 5 km. Register and participate.

New meetings, new starts and victories !!!

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